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Winter Venison!!


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Today was the first day of the controlled gun hunt.

I got lucky - at 7:30 I had a big doe come running thru the field and stopped just 40 yards away - bingo!

We must be in for a long, cold winter as I have never seen so much fat on a deer before!

 I was tossing the cut off fat into an 11 litre pail as I worked on her, and by the time I finished had the pail over 80% full.

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1 hour ago, genec said:

Was a field full of beans next to the field edge where my blind is.

Congrats Gene. We have been pleasantly surprised with how many deer we are seeing in NOTL..we already have one Doe, and one buck, all crossbow. Very good sign, and the rut I dont think has even started.  

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Way to go! I have 95 acres of uncut corn between me an the bush I hunt. Once it's cut I will get out to try and kill a deer. I am in the Dec controlled hunt so there's a few more weeks but I don't mind taking them with a pointy stick either.

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Ya ive been seeing a few myself ...shot a doe already with my compound bow and im hoping my daughter can get her doe this week so i can concentrate on hunting a buck soon.....last night i failed to knock a deer down with my shot gun ....i shot at a 4 pointer at about 85 yrds and went right under it ..followed up with a buckshot quickly as it was running away and another slug but he was already at 150 yrds...i got down to check for blood and by the time i reached where he was standing 2 shots rang off the neighbouring property right where he ran...yup another guy shot him..i found no blood..better luck next time i guess🙄20211018_185452.jpg

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On 11/6/2021 at 5:50 PM, genec said:

Got my venison back today from the butcher.

Carcass weighed 85 pounds, and I got 48 pounds of boneless meat back, so worked out well.

And it really tastes great!

Where did you send your deer for processing?

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